How do I edit or update my existing board?

There's 2 ways to edit or update your board. By opening your existing board through your profile (ADMIN-MODE) or opening it when you are in the editor (WORK-MODE).


#1: Your profile

  1. Select your My Projects
  2. Open the project folder with the design you would like to edit


3.  Click the little paintbrush icon. This will open the editor and open your exisiting board which will enable editing.
#2: Editor
  1. Open the editor. You might need to signin again using your username and password.
  2. Open a blank board (you won't use the blank board as you will be editing an existing mood board design)


edit 1.png
3. Use the horizontal menu bar and select the "Open" button
4. Browse through your project folders and choose your board you would like to edit
edit 3.png
5. Please be patient while your board opens. It takes a lot of memory for the program to enable editing.
edit 4.png
6.  Click the "save as" icon if you want to save another copy of your board (a duplicate or other version) 
7.  Or click the "save" button if you want to save over your existing board as a updated board.
edit 6.png
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