How do I print my board?

Make sure to choose the print canvas size when you start your board, as you can not change your canvas size once you've created a board.

The "print" canvas size comes with two options:

  1. US paper size in the standard letter format in both landscape and portrait
  2. International paper size in standard A4 & A3 in both landscape and portrait




  1. Make sure to save your board first before attempting to print from the editor. 
  2. Select the "print" button in the top horizontal menu.
  3. Make sure to change the paper orientation of your printer if you want to print landscape.




It's also important to know that the quality of the print will depend on the image size and resolution that you use when you create your board.

  1. Be sure to use good quality images and not to enlarge them if you plan on printing as this will have a dramatic effect on the print quality.
  2. You will know the quality/size of the image when you drag it across to your canvas. To keep the quality, DO NOT resize the image, this is when it loses resolution.

Also please note that the images available in the online gallery is recommended only for web use, so I would suggest installing the Bookmarklet to capture better images via the web as well as importing pins from Pinterest and uploading your own image from your pc if you want to print your mood board for client presentations.


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