Capture and save any image off the web with the Bookmarklet

Creating digital design concepts is a great way to bring your inspiration to life simpler, better and faster.

Here are some tips that you might find useful:

  • Use the SampleBoard bookmarklet tool to capture & import any image off any website with a click of a button
  • Save your clipped images into your customized online library folders 

Here's how: 

Step 1: Install the SampleBoard bookmarklet to your browser bookmarks bar by following these steps:

  • Sign into your account and select “My Library”
  • Click the green “Add Bookmarklet” button
  • Follow the prompts

 Step 2: Once you’ve installed the SampleBoard bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar you can easily save any image off the web into your online library simply by following these steps:

  • Click the "save to SampleBoard" bookmarklet button on your bookmarks bar
  • A green tab at the top of your page will appear.

bookmarklet 3.jpg

  • Click on the image you want to save to your library
  • Add your image details 

 Bookmarklet step-by-step guide #2.jpg


  • To access and use your imported images in a design, open the editor.
  • Select “My Library” and choose your library folder where you saved your imported image
  • Drag and drop as per usual

my library.jpg

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