How do I claim my 50% discount?

We have 2 discount options available to users who meet certain criteria. 
1. One month subscription with 50% discount and then regular amount thereafter (for example on the Pro plan $24.50 for one month and then $49 thereafter, you can cancel at anytime ) 
2. 12 month subscription with 50% discount with an additional 2 months free, paid upfront (for example on the Pro plan $245 paid upfront gets you 12 months - works out to only $20.40/month instead of $49/month)
Here's how:


Step 1: Open your profile my signing in and selecting "Account Information".  Click the green link "Change my Subscription" on the right-handside.


change my subscription 1.png


 Step 2: A popup will come up as per the screenshot below, choose the orange button "change my plan" if you are on a free trial or expired account.

If, however, you are on the Premium plan and wish to upgrade to the Pro plan, you need to cancel your subscription first, or you'll be billed for 2 plans at the same time.




Step 3: Select the membership you would like to buy. Note that if you want to pay yearly please select the "Pro: $490 / year" link as per the circle below...




Step 3: A checkout page will open, as per the screenshot below. Input your coupon code in the space provided and click "Update" next to it to claim your discount.






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