It has come to our attention that some of you are struggling with importing from Pinterest. We are busy investigating to find a solution.

For those on a time crunch, please save your pins to your desktop and use the multiple uploader to upload your pins into your SampleBoard library.


How to save your pin to your desktop:

  1. Open your pin you wish to use from within Pinterest
  2. Right-click your mouse and select "save image as..." 
  3. Save the pin to your desktop or computer folder


How to upload your pins from your desktop to your SampleBoard library


  1. Go to "My Library" in your SampleBoard profile
  2. Click the green "Upload Files" button
  3. Choose your pins saved on your computer
  4. Drag and drop or use the basic uploader 




Open the program and carry on creating using your pins : ) 


For those of you that are new, you will find your uploaded or imported images here




Thank you so very much for your patience while we figure out this technical glitch!




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