Getting started

Welcome to the crash-course training of SampleBoard : ) Let's get you started...

SampleBoard is devided into two sections.

  1. Your profile, the "admin" side. Think of it as ADMIN-MODE.
  2. The editor, the "creative" side. Think of it as WORK-MODE.

Your profile, the "admin" side consists of:

  • My account - your subscription details and basic info
  • My projects - where you create project folders to save your boards into
  • My library - where you create library folders and upload/import images

The editor is where your creativity comes to life and you create sample boards.

To get started with creating awesome sample boards, simply click the  start creating button.pngbutton on any page or bookmark this link for future use:


TIPS 101 

#1 Build your image library

The first step to creating your mood board is to collect various images. These images could be hosted on a variety of platforms like your computer, the web, social media accounts like Pinterest, Flickr or Picasa. SampleBoard allows you to import from these platforms so that all your images are saved in one place.

Once you've uploaded or imported a few pics, you will find them in the editor under the "my library" tab next to the gallery. 

#2 Create your mood board

After you've built your image library, you are ready to create your first mood board. Watch this short video tutorial to get a feel for the program.

You can always begin by using our pre-designed templates to easily create a professional mood board by dragging and dropping images into your selected template layout or select the blank canvas option for more creative control.

Once you've created and saved your board, you can always go back and edit or update your board by following these steps.

To learn more about the features, functionality and tools in the editor, go here.


#3 Exporting and sharing

Get your client on the same page.


#4 Folder management

You've got to have a place to store all your images and mood boards other than your computer. SampleBoard enables you to create and manage your projects and library folders by name and description. By creating folders, you will be able to manage your projects more efficiently and access your work and image library no matter where you are, or what machine you're using.


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