Editor hanging, freezing or slow

There are several reasons why the SampleBoard editor may drag. Walk through the following suggestions (in any order) to speed up SampleBoard's editor reaction time.

1. Close all unnecessary applications

Shut down all unnecessary tabs, windows, programs, and applications open on your computer.

2. Clear your browser cache

Follow these steps to clear your browser's cache.

3. Use a different browser

Safari has been known to cause issues. If you're still experiencing trouble, download one of the following browsers:

4. Update to Adobe Flash Player version 10 or higher

Visit Adobe's Flash Player page to see which version of the Flash Player you now have installed. Updating takes about three minutes and is totally free.

5. Make sure your Internet connection is humming along

A slow Internet connection can cause lagging during uploading, editing, and saving. Connect to the Internet via an Ethernet cable rather than a wireless connection.

6. Make sure your computer meets the system requirements

For the best performance, make sure your computer meets the following:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X, or Linux
  • 1GHz+ processor
  • 512MB+ of RAM

If you still face issues after you've gone through the above steps, please log a support request.

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