I can't see all of my Pinterest pins or Pinterest boards, now what?

Pinterest allows us to import your latest 25 pins of a Pinterest board. If you have more than 25 pins in a particular board you wish to import, follow the steps below.

If you can't see a particular Pinterest board you wish to import into your SampleBoard library, move the board to the top row of your Pinterest account. Refresh both your Pinterest and SampleBoard browser and try the import again. The "missing board" will now be available.


How to import your missing pins  


1.  Move or copy pins to another Pinterest board


2.  Select the pins you wish to move


3.  Create a "sampleboard import" board


4.  Locate your new "sampleboard import" board, which should be at the bottom


5.  Pins have been moved to "sampleboard import" board


6. Drag and drop your new folder to the top of your Pinterest account


7.  Return to your SampleBoard account. You are now ready to import your pins into your SampleBoard library folder.


8.  Select the pins you wish to import

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